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General Sales, Marketing, Inquiries & Request For Quotes (RFQ)
Name: Valerie Cline
Phone Ext.: 115
Email: vhcline@ifs-frp.com

Technical Information
Name: T. R. Morton
Phone Ext.: 102
Email: trmorton@ifs-frp.com

Resin selection assistance. Technical assistance on methods of construction. Large project coordination. Creation of project specific guide specifications.

Technical Literature Requests & Database Management
Name: Karen Ramsey
Phone Ext.: 103
Email: klramsey@ifs-frp.com

Requests for technical bulletins, fittings catalogs, conversion factors tables, and resin selection CDs. Changes to contact information (because of a company move, change in phone/fax numbers, termination or addition of personnel).

Order Entry, Order Status Requests & Invoicing Questions
Name: Melanie Shockey
Phone Ext.: 150
Email: mdshockey@ifs-frp.com

New orders to be entered into production. Questions on order acknowledgements. Invoicing questions.

Quality Assurance
Name: Dave Hannahan
Phone: 937-226-0600 x126
Email: dkhannahan@ifs-frp.com

Questions concerning quality, establishment of critical dimensions, quality concerns on items received.

Research & Development, and Special Projects
Name: T.R. Morton
Phone Ext.: 102
Email: trmorton@ifs-frp.com

Pipe Supports
Name: David Dean
Phone: 937-226-0600 x115
Email: dddean@ifs-frp.com

Technical support on the engineering and providing of pipe supports for metal and non metal piping installations.

Name: Dave Grisham
Phone: 937-226-0600 x121
Email: degrisham@ifs-frp.com

Technical Assistance on Tank Applications.

Field Service
Name: Dave Grisham
Phone: 937-226-0600 x121
Email: degrisham@ifs-frp.com

Coordination of field service projects; including repairs installations and inspections


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